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Half introvert, half attorney – not afraid to step in when shit gets real but would equally prefer to sit on the couch with a good book and stare at the rain. I am passionate about local Connecticut artisans and farmers, and preserving what they make, likely into craft cocktails. Otherwise, you can probably find me with the wind in my hair – be it on a mountain, motorcycle or the water. One day, I hope to be a fierce gardener, with ambitions for chickens, bees and a mini orchard.



Get in touch with me at: snowflakekitchen[at]gmail.com.

8 thoughts on “About Kate

  1. Poppa D

    I am most impressed . . . needless to say viewing this site also tantilized my taste buds . . . engendered my curiosity . . . and converted me to a “FAN.” Keep it up and . . . keep on keepin’ on . . .

    1. Gina

      Thx for the comment on my guest post over at Kingdom First Mom.I am still getting the hang of encaetrrd dropping and trying to make time to read more blogs as well as comment. You are right, life keeps you busy!

    2. http://www./

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  2. B Brown

    Can’t find your recipe for Smoky Pickled Green Tomatoes. The picture is gorgeous! Must rescue the rest of the green tomatoes. Your pic of the ‘Smoky with garlic’ is gorgeous. Can’t wait!!!! Thanks.

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