Peach Jam for Peggy

Ok, I’ll admit it. I make a lot of fancy jam. Jameson Ginger Peach, Sour Cherry Lime Rickey and Apricot Pimentón to name a few. So I’m not surprised when I get requests for “plain” jam from friends and family. Dad asked for “just strawberry” for father’s day. Though it may not be kicked up with other flavors, there’s still something great about “plain” old strawberry jam – especially when it’s made with first of the season local strawberries. I might have snuck some limoncello in Dad’s “just strawberry jam” though – don’t tell.

Jon’s grandmother is turning 90 this weekend, and the whole family is down in Florida to celebrate with her. 90 is a special milestone, and Peggy is a particularly special lady. She is full of fantastic stories and wont hesitate to share her wisdom even if she’s meeting you for the first time. Mariachi players always compete for her attention at our local Mexican restaurant. She is the only 90-year-old I know that will beat your pants off at Dr. Mario on Super Nintendo. And then ask you why you set your level so low. She will also unapologetically kick your ass at cards – and we love her for it.

We couldn’t make it down to Florida this time, but we did send some homemade jam in our stead. “Plain Peach” as requested. Happy Birthday Peggy – sending you lots of love from Connecticut.

Peach Jam for Peggy
4 cups peaches
2 cups sugar
1 tablespoon low sugar pectin
Juice & zest of one lemon

Combine mashed peaches and sugar over medium heat. Skim off any foam, cooking for approximately 25 minutes. Stir frequently so it doesn’t burn When it reaches your desired consistency, add the pectin and cook for 5 more minutes at a rolling boil. Ladle into hot jars, top with hot wet lids and process for 10 minutes.

3 thoughts on “Peach Jam for Peggy

  1. uncannypreserves

    Aww…I love making special jams for special people. I’m always a little thrown when people want it plain (really….you don’t want any chipotle in there? Not even a splash of booze? How about a herb?!), but often times when I do keep it on the pure side, I’m always amazed and delighted that when you’ve got great fruit, lots of love, care and attention, it turns out to be a spectaular jar of jam.

    1. Kate @ Snowflake Kitchen Post author

      I have to admit, it was a touch difficult to make this while scheming up a recipe for plum cardamom almond conserve 🙂

  2. Tracy

    Haha, I love making fancy jams too…and am always a little disappointed when I get a request for “just plain” jam. But, sometimes simple is just as good, especially when it’s made for someone special!


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