Fridge Scapes

Ever just have too much preserving to do? Yes, even in a small scale kitchen like mine. I’ve had these great CSA garlic scapes sitting on my counter for the last week, gradually looking more and more sad. After conquering the last of my strawberries (any thoughts on what to do with ten liters of puree?) I finally had a chance to ponder the scapes.

I really like garlic. It goes in most everything I cook. Its not quite, “Hi, my name is Kate, and I have a problem with garlic…” but its close. The garlic scapes were initially meant for a frittata, but I wasn’t going to turn on the oven on super humid day. We were long past switching from fans to AC but still stubbornly avoiding reality – so you can bet that not only was I not firing up the oven but also not firing up the canner. Boiling a small pot for brine was about all I could handle. Fridge scapes to the rescue!

Fridge Scapes
As many garlic scapes as you can cram into your jar(s) of choice
Spices per jar: 1-2 dashes red pepper flakes, 1 garlic clove, 3 basil leaves, 10 peppercorns
Brine: a la Kate @ Hip Girls Guide to Homemaking: 1 part white vinegar, 1 part filtered water, 1 tablespoon salt per part.

1. Stuff spices in jar.
2. Stuff scapes in jar.
3. Top with boiling brine.
4. Wait two weeks. I mean, try and wait two weeks.
5. Inhale.

I’m still on step four. Its torturous.

Brine Options:
1. Asian scapes: With toasted sesame seeds or a touch of sesame oil, some soy and fresh chile. These are fridge pickles – you can play with the flavors a little more than with traditional pickles when you don’t have to worry so much about pH.
2. Moroccan scapes: preserved lemon and a dollop of harissa in the brine. Yes, please!
3. Dill or Bread & Butter scapes: like cucumber pickles, only garlickier.

Scape Uses:
1. A little bread, a little wine, a little cheese, maybe some Charcutepalooza? and some pickled scapes – I call that dinner.
2. Bring them to your pickle party!
3. Bring them to your local food swap. Coventry’s next one is next Sunday – maybe you can join us?

9 thoughts on “Fridge Scapes

  1. growandresist

    Sounds perfect! I just realized last night that a lot of my scapes are in & ready…but I’m headed out of town for a week tomorrow. I had no idea what to do with them. But pickle them it is! Woot!

  2. Gloria

    Looks fabulous. Can you tell me the size of a ‘part’ when referring to vinegar and water. I understand that they are equal but need to know can you tell me size in relation to salt? Thanks will be following your inspiring lead.

    1. Kate @ Snowflake Kitchen Post author

      Well, I used two cups each of vinegar and water (and two tablespoons salt) and had some leftover for two quart jars. Kate @ HGGH suggests one cup of water + one cup of vinegar + 1 tablespoon salt, and to increase/decrease accordingly. Essentially, this just customizes the recipe for whatever size jar and amount of produce you have – the brine should be half water and half vinegar + salt. I could have measured ahead of time with one quart of vinegar and one quart of water, but you never know cause of the additional produce… I think it just subliminally drives me nuts to have leftover brine 🙂

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