Giveaway! From the Lemon Ladies Orchard

So in case you missed it, I have a Meyer Lemon problem. Specifically, I have a Lemon Ladies Meyer Lemon problem. I just can’t get enough of the sweet and sour flavor. The scent of them is almost floral. Its addictive. In case you missed it, I took seven pounds of lemons and made them into Raspberry Lemon Preserves, Meyer Lemon Marmalade, Preserved Lemons and Limoncello. I made Meyer Lemon Curd, Kiwi Meyer Lemon Jam and an absolutely amazing Lazy Lemon Tart and froze some of the juice for later lemon cravings. I even shipped some of Karen’s lemons to Anchorage, Alaska so I could share them with friends.

They should come with a warning label, they are so addictive.

It’s safe to say I am Meyer obsessed. I had to get some more lemons – I still haven’t made Meyer Lemon Salt for this summer’s catch or Meyer Lemon Roast Chicken. I’m still coveting Nicole’s Lemon Pull-Apart Loaf at Arctic Garden Studio. And I must dehydrate Meyer slices to savor the flavor for as long as possible.

Have I linked you to death yet? Well I’m glad you survived the onslaught – there’s a reward. Karen at the Lemon Ladies Orchard has graciously offered to send one lucky SK reader a Meyer Lemon Gift Bag. They come from her own trees in sunny Emerald Hills, California. If the fruit wasn’t a good enough reason to check her out, the story behind the orchard is pretty amazing too. This means she will pick a dozen beautiful lemons and send them direct to your door! How can you say no?

How to Enter:
1. Post a comment here and tell me what you’re going to do with your meyers. What’s your favorite tried and true recipe? Or are you going to try something new?
2. Earn an additional entry by liking Snowflake Kitchen on Facebook. Leave a comment here to let me know you did.
3. Earn an additional entry by liking the Lemon Ladies page on Facebook. Again, post here to let me know you did.
4. Tweet about it: “Check out the Meyer Lemon Giveaway going on at @snowflakekitchn!” then post back here with the link!

Even if you dont win, the Meyer Lemon season in California is almost done – place your Lemon Ladies order soon! And this giveaway ends on Monday April 25 at 11:59pm EST!


Congrats to Jeanne in Toledo the winner! Please check your email. Thanks to everyone who entered – stay tuned for more giveaways! -Kate

29 thoughts on “Giveaway! From the Lemon Ladies Orchard

  1. Heather

    I love lemons! One of my favorite flavors ever… and difficult to get here in Alaska… I’ve totally become addicted to Lemon Curd on crackers. Lemon slices and rosemary under the skin of a turkey breast and slow roasted makes for a family favorite… Of course the little one likes to just eat them. Endless possibilities of things to do with them!!! =D

    I already like SK on Facebook, but I’ve now liked The Lemon Ladies, and tweeted it… I nnnnneeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeedddddddd lemons!!!! (I guess I should be a good example and use the magic word… Please ma’am, may I have some lemons?)

  2. Diane

    I used some store bought Meyer’s to make lemon curd. I haven’t made lemen curd in years……and I am totally hooked! I forgot how wonderful it is and would love to make more! Love, love Meyer lemons!

  3. Susan

    I bought Meyer for the first time this year and made marmalade. Meyer is not easy to find in my area. I would love to experiment more with them…..lemon salt, curd, preserve…..:)

  4. Jeanne in Toledo

    …and if I were lucky enough to win, I’ve been working on a recipe for Lemon Glazed Cookies for over a year…someday it’ll be in the Pillsbury Bakeoff??

  5. Sarah

    I am keen on trying to make Limoncello, and that pull-apart loaf looks sexy. (And by sexy I mean I want to stuff my face with it (o^.^o) <- nom.
    I would also make straight up lemonade with it. Freeze bits of the peel in cubes to make lemon cubes. There is also a recipe called “Engagement Chicken” which might behoove me to make.

    I’ve like SK for a long time, and I’ve just liked Lemon Ladies as well!

  6. Rita Spratlen

    I would use these lemons in everything from water to main dishes. I have never had one and I would enjoy them I am sure. I love to use lemons with fish, chicken, and salads.

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  8. local kitchen

    I must admit I’m on the Meyer fence. I’m not in love; I like regular (Eureka) lemons better. But the Lemon Ladies Meyer’s *do* always look fabulous… maybe they would convince me to join the ranks of the Meyer-obsessed? 🙂

  9. Jin

    I just liked both pages and tweeted you via my twitter @jinsjourney! I would love to use the lemons and make preserved lemons to accompany many of the middle eastern dishes I love to make ;0)

  10. Rita Spratlen

    If I won I would get out my cookbooks and search the computer for recipes for lemons and really have some fun trying new recipes while sipping on some lemonade! Rita Spratlen

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