Ginger Pear Whiskey Smash

Sometimes you just need a cocktail. For whatever reason – hard day at work, grumpy mood, nasty commute… or cause you have all the delicious ingredients on hand and why not? Or – as seems to be happening more frequently around here – you look in the larder and find inspiration in one of your preserves. I had a lovely jar of pears put up in the fall in a light tea-flavored syrup. Thus, a cocktail was born.

Ginger Pear Whiskey Smash
1 part Jameson Irish Whiskey
1 part sugar syrup
1 whole preserved pear, cut into chunks
3 pieces crystallized ginger – 2 to muddle, 1 to garnish

Open your jar of pears or use fresh. Cut into small chunks. Add fresh or crystallized ginger. Muddle with equal parts whiskey and syrup. Let flavors mix for 5ish minutes… or however long you can stand it. Strain, pour over ice into your glass of choice and top with ginger ale. ¬†Garnish with crystallized ginger, relax and enjoy.

1. Use Jameson Irish Whiskey. Accept no substitutes. If you don’t like whiskey, this drink isn’t for you. I would suggest that you try it though, it tends to win over converts.
2. You need one part syrup. I used a combination of the pear/tea syrup and some simple syrup. To taste – as sweet as you like. I bet infusing ginger into the tea syrup for a more pronounced ginger flavor would be great.
3. Many of the other whiskey smash recipes I’ve found use herbs. Like Bless Her Heart’s Blackberry Smash and The Kitchn’s Peach Whiskey Smash. I bet thyme or mint would be a fun addition to this one.

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