[How not to do] Kiwi Meyer Lemon Jam

Hi from Alaska! Sorry for the lack of posting – I’ve had to suffer through this view for the last couple of travel days:

Mendenhall Valley/Juneau, AK

Don't ever fly to Alaska without getting a window seat. At least for the last leg of the trip. Trust me.

So to sate you until I get back, I give you some kiwi meyer lemon jam. Be warned: this probably won’t be the last Meyer Lemon recipe. This stuff is pretty great, even if it didn’t turn out the way it was originally envisioned.

Kiwi Meyer Lemon Jam
Adapted from Vanilla Garlic’s ‘ Kiwi Meyer Lemon Jam

1 Meyer lemon (or two small ones)
3 cups sugar
3 lbs. ripe kiwi fruits

1. Seed the lemons. Puree with two cups of the sugar. Yes, blend the whole lemon – seed, pith and flesh. Let sit for a few hours, or even overnight.
2. Peel the kiwi and slice into coins. Then, if you haven’t had kiwi skin before, go ahead and try some. Really, its delicious. Toss with the last cup of sugar and let sit for a few hours until you are ready to make jam.

3. Combine the lemon and kiwi mixtures in your non-reactive jam pan over low heat. Be careful – this can go from loose to overcooked very quickly. Cook until it comes together, put in a glass vessel of your choice and consume tout de suite. Once it cools, that is.

Note: Though I think this probably would be fine to waterbath due to the acid in the fruit used, I don’t know for sure. This recipe is more suited to life as a refrigerator jam.

I really need to a) work on my kitchen lighting and b) not start making jam so late at night.

Really, thats it. I used the three kiwis that were on my counter – all I had. I would suggest following Garrett’s cooking instructions (“This will be a loose jam. Overcooking it until it become very thick will scorch the kiwi fruit.”) exactly. Because if you don’t, the jam will set quite hard. Pretty quickly, even.

So as far as jam fails go – this one wasn’t bad. After jarring, I had no trouble licking the spoon. It will end up in my morning oatmeal and yogurt once I make it back to the East Coast. Until then – I can salivate over the pictures…

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    1. Kate Post author

      I’m back on the East Coast now, but my lemons were sent to Anchorage while I was there for the start of the Iditarod. We ended up making lemon curd and starting limoncello. They really did come with sunshine 🙂 Never did make it up to FBX – maybe next time.

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