Spice Rack Challenge: Citrus. Again.

I probably should call this post “If Lemon Curd isn’t your thing…” I already posted about Meyer Lemon Curd for February’s Spice Rack Challenge. All the way back on February 12th. Then I received a delivery from The Lemon Ladies Orchard:

THANK YOU KAREN! Sorry about the camera phone photo – I was way too excited to break out the real camera.

What to do with SEVEN pounds of delicious Meyer Lemons picked only days ago in California sunshine?

First: Preserved Lemons. Recipe courtesy of Tigress:

Spicy. Sweet. Salty. SPICY.

I used half cayenne and half Spanish Pimentón. I know Tigressprefers to use regular lemons instead of the Meyer variety, but when that’s what you’ve got…

We’ll see how they turn out. Maybe I’ll want more toothsome ones when this batch is used.

Ideas on how to use Preserved Lemons: Arctic Garden Studio has great suggestions, including preserved lemon and harissa hot dogs (have to try those!) and an awesome link for Preserved Lemon and Thyme Compound Butter (oh man…). The lovely readers at Food in Jars suggested using Cara Cara oranges (my new addiction) instead. Once they age I will definitely be trying the Spicy Potato Tagine with Preserved Lemon and Olives from Epicurious.

Second: Juice them! You can use the juice for curd, but you knew that already. Make lemonade, or freeze the juice for when inspiration strikes later. Note to self: Also do a Meyer Lemon Roast chicken.

If you don’t live in California, Texas or Florida, you likely had the lovely yellow beauties shipped in – dont let ANY go to waste! Make limoncello with that rind!

Señor SK and I had a bad limoncello experience on a trip to Rome a couple of years ago – but I’m willing to give it another shot. The idea of lemonade er… for adults… in the summer sounds fantastic.

Patience, grasshopper.

Thanks to Hip Girls Guide to Homemaking for the recipe.

Third: Bake. Tomorrow I might make Arctic Garden Studio’s Lemon Pull-Apart Loaf. And maybe Barefoot Contessa’s Lemon Yogurt Cake. But today I came across dymnyno’s Lazy Lemon Tart on Food 52. It can’t get much easier than this: 1. Buy pre-made pie/tart crust, 2. Blend filling in a food processor – a WHOLE lemon!, 3. Bake.

I should add 4. Try not to inhale in one sitting. The crust gets golden and crunchy and amazing. Seriously – MAKE THIS NOW.

After all that, I was pretty lemoned out. Tomorrow I have plans for more lemon-infused baking and some sort of preserves. I haven’t decided whether to make Vanilla Garlic’s Kiwi Lemon Jam or Hitchhiking to Heaven’s Cherry Meyer Lemon Preserves with Raspberries instead. Or both. Any other Meyer Lemon suggestions are welcome! If I have any left…

16 thoughts on “Spice Rack Challenge: Citrus. Again.

  1. Nicole @ Arctic Garden Studio

    I don’t know how I would get through the winter without Karen’s lemons. So fun to see someone else enjoying them as well.
    I have to say that I need to find more uses for the lemon juice. I have no problem stripping them all of their zest, but then I end up freezing the juice. Of course there is always yummy summer drinks. I did find a great limoncello recipe that calls for lemon juice rather than water, so I juiced all my lemons and froze the juice for step two of the recipe.

    1. Kate Post author

      I have to go through them all before I leave for your neck of the woods next Friday – Four days in Seattle and a week in Anchorage! I might end up freezing a lot of the juice.

  2. Shae

    You go with your Meyers! Let me know what happens if you try the raspberry sub in the preserve; they’re so different from cherries that I’m curious to know how they’ll behave. My guess is that they’d break down more quickly and perhaps leave you with more of a syrup. I’ve been eyeing that kiwi business, too. 🙂

    You’re going to Alaska!

    1. Kate Post author

      Well the raspberries I have ready to go (frozen). The only cherries I have are already in jam. Maybe blueberries? I have those too.

      I’ve been to Alaska a few times – but always in Southeast. I went in 2006 for a semester in Juneau during college and made great friends who invited me back to stay with them for a summer internship in 2009 during law school. They just recently moved to Anchorage – who can pass up an offer to see the Iditarod? Especially with a ticket completely paid for by Alaska Air miles! The hard part is trying to figure out what is coming back in my suitcase… I have a 4 day stop in Seattle to see friends too!

      1. Shae @ H2H

        Texturally blueberries might be better, but I’m not sure about the flavor combo. I guess sometimes you’ve just gotta do the experiment! If you cooked it with the raspberries long enough, you might get a really interesting jam.

        My first trip to Alaska was in 2006, too. I spend part of every summer there — but usually in the Interior. We have a place there. Thank goodness for Alaska Air miles!

  3. Tricia

    All you lemonheads are making me think I should convince our citrus-tree owning relatives to start shipping us boxes of their surplus…

    1. Kate Post author

      If anyone has a surplus I know of a ton of people in the frigid Northeast who would love to trade with them! 🙂 But absolutely take advantage! I need to make some friends with citrus trees.

  4. MaceyAK

    Made the tart on Wednesday, and dear goodness it was yummy! Need to reduce sugar next time, because my lemons were super sweet. But a hit all around. And great to see you by the way!

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