Canning 2010: A recap

So like a lot of people in 2010, I caught the canning/preserving bug. And I got it BAD. This bad:

…and this is probably missing a few batches. Seriously.

We started with Jam, then went to Roasted Marinated Peppers, then Fruit Butters, then Pickles, then Chutneys, then Tomatoes, then Apples, and finally a few odds and ends like Pomegranate Champagne Jelly.

What Worked

Food in Jarsmethod for fruit butters was awesome. I made cherry and blueberry butter this way before apple and pear butters later on. The blueberry butter was really fantastic, and I ran out of it far too quickly as I gave most of it away. Apple Butter was great, but definitely more of a pain than other fruit butters.

Lots of jam – maybe too much? Nah.

Living near Dondero Orchards made a lot of this possible. (CRFM too – especially for tomato seconds!) When in season, most of their PYO fruit is around 99 cents/lb. It helped me go a little crazy with things like peaches (Peach Jam, Jameson Ginger Peach Jam, Spiced Peach Butter, Li Hing Mui Peach Jam, Lady Grey Peach Jam…) I missed a few things like cherries and most of the strawberries (thanks, bar exam!) but I plan to change that in 2011. I also found quite a bit of late season produce on Freecycle, and made friends with some local farmers. I look forward to using all my resources to make 2011 equally as awesome.

What Didn’t Really Work

I wasn’t a huge fan of the Green Tomato Chutney. Its an ok way to use up green tomatoes – but I think next year I will try to eat them in Fried Green Tomato BLTs or make another salsa verde.

Goals for Next Year

Continue to make: Blueberry Butter, Tomato Jam, Apple Butter, Canned whole tomatoes, Jameson Ginger Peach (maybe Jameson Ginger Cherry next year?)

I made lots and lots of jam. I think I’d like to make more jellies. Maybe some more traditional “preserves” and/or fruit in syrups.

Also, fix pickle recipe – they came out delicious but waaaay too mushy. I think I need to be more exact, or process them less or something. My fridge pickles were tasty, though.

New ideas Brandied cherries (maybe with amaretto?), Maraschino cherries, More quince recipes, Salted Caramel Pear Butter, Strawberries!, Ancho Apple Butter. I looove the Apricot Amaretto Jam I made – maybe I can make a Raspberry Amaretto Jam.

As far as more immediate projects, I am flirting with spending around $50 to ship a crate of Meyer Lemons here because I’ve never had them. Not exactly local, I know, but its winter and citrus is never really local here anyway.

Oh, and I fully plan on participating in the 2011 Can Jam. Stay tuned!

4 thoughts on “Canning 2010: A recap

  1. Koriann

    I think my plan for next year is more practical things. I made a lot of jam, but because our summer was so terrible, I didn’t have access to good (cheap) tomatoes. So no tomato sauce or anything like that.

    I made apple cider butter and applesauce using the slow cooker and both were AMAZING. Also cherry marmalade, and ginger zucchini marmalade.

    On the savory side, the roasted garlic jelly and the red wine jelly were fantastic.

    As for Meyer Lemons? They’re delicious, but I don’t know if they’re worth the $50 to have them sent to you.

    1. Kate Post author

      As far as the Meyer Lemons – its $25 for the lemons and $25 for the shipping. I tend to avoid marmalades because I really don’t like them all that much, but I might give a small batch another try.

      Am I correct in assuming you’re back? That means I can send your package soon! We devoured everything except the jellies here. I have no idea what to do with the roasted garlic jelly other than maybe put it in a grilled cheese? And any suggestions for the red wine jelly would be good too 🙂 I’ll let you know when I put it in the mail.

  2. Cynthia

    I’ve had great luck keeping my pickles crisp with a product called Ball Pickle Crisp. Also, I used the pasteurization method recommended by Linda Ziedrich in her book “Joy of Pickling”.

    1. Kate Post author

      I will definitely have to check out Pickle Crisp and the Joy of Pickling. I also tried sauerkraut for the first time this year, and I’m sure there’s got to be a better way. Thanks for the suggestions!

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